Generate and run

Generate the java code

Once you have created the ANO file, you can generate the java source. A generation service is available on Registration is required.

Select your ANO file as Anonymizer model File name input, edit the Root package parameter and press the Download ZIP button.


Unpack the returned zip file into a java project folder of your choice.

Compile and run the generated program

Setup your custom code and data

  • Add your custom Java implementations to /src/main/java

  • Add your custom data files to /src/main/resources

Configure database driver settings

Modify the pom.xml: add your JDBC driver dependencies.

Configure database connection settings

Open from src/main/resources and edit the file with default development database connection settings. A sample is explained here: DBmasker example project.

Build using Maven

Add necessary dependencies to the generated pom.xml. To create the program and source JAR files, run:

  • mvn install

Run the application

To test your code, start a command shell and run the command:

  • java -jar target/<program-name>-<version>.jar cmd

The program-name is given by your input .ano file name. The program displays the command help text and is ready for commands:

trace - shows more messages
help - shows this page
config - creates a local used for changing connection parameters
ping - test database connection
tasks - outputs list of tasks
run - runs all tasks except erase and sar tasks
run <tasks> - runs a list of space delimited tasks, erase and sar actions are excluded
erase <task> <params> - runs erase actions for a specified task with a series of space delimited
parameters. If parameter contains a space, surround it with quotation marks
sar <task> <params> - creates a SAR export for a specified task with a series of space delimited
parameters. XML and JSON files will be created in the working directory
cmd - takes continued input from standard input (stdin)
quit - quits program

Type config, which will create a copy of file in the current directory. The settings file will override the settings in src/main/resources/ Edit the properties with the database connection settings to the database you will mask/anonymize.

Type quit to exit the program.

To test the database connection, run ping.

You may now run the DBmasker tasks against the database. Run the tasks command to get a list of defined tasks and run run <tasks> to execute the defined tasks.